The Brooklyn drill scene’s been getting some major looks this year. Although it’s been bubbling up for a minute, it’s beginning to pick up more and more. One artist in particular who’s been leading this new movement is 22Gz. The rapper’s made serious waves in the past few years. He dropped off his debut project in July, The Blixky Tape and now, he returns with the sequel to his breakout hit. 

“Suburban” is the song that really kicked off 22Gz career and now, he returns with the long-awaited sequel. With a menacing beat in the background, 22Gz comes in with vibrant energy off the rip as he details catching a case and then beating it. “Hoodie on, mask on/ Strap drawn, tryna run/ He ain’t get that far,” 22Gz raps. “Kill an opp, broad day/ Get blasted, lawyer gon spank that charge.”

Peep the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
We don’t do the jumpin’
Shotgun start to pumpin’
Get slippin’, I’mma dump it
Kill a N**a then we dump ’em
Throw his body in a dumpster