Reason just released “Flick It Up,” a new fire single featuring Ab Soul. From the jump the beat and cascading flow will have you on your feet and nodding your head along with the two TDE rappers.  The high energy track delivers bars seamlessly over an up-tempo instrumental that is undeniably catchy and full of wordplay. Reason and Ab-Soul complement each other well in sound and lyrical content. The track stands out among recent releases as being creative and club-friendly at the same time. You can ride with your homies to this song and turn up at the same time. This is rap at it’s best.

“Flick It Up” has old school feels while, at the same time, being present day hot. You can twerk to the song, you can work to the song, and eventually when you are “R-A-P-G-O-D” enough you can sing along to the song. The bars are poetic and hard at the same time allowing you to get lost in the music and feel invigorated by the track. The way the song hits when you first hit play is the same as 17 times later. Check out the new track for yourself and feel the dope vibes.

Quotable Lyrics

Big Dawg on T-O-P, R-A-P-G-O-D
Wait, this shit as easy as winning a spelling bee spellin’ the letter B (Aye) H-I-P-H-O-P, S-A-V-E-D-ME
Amazing grace you made yo bed and I made my plate
Fuck is you thinkin’? Benjamin Franklin
Face to face to face to face to face (Face the fact)