The details concerning a booked gig that 21 Savage skipped out on in September of 2016 are beginning to surface. But to be fair, this issue is subject to a hearsay rule. According to Karen Smith, the Hinesville, Georgia promoter who snagged him for a gig at the Bo'Maz Club, 21 bailed on the booking for two reasons: A) he was unsatisfied with the opening act, and B) Smith initially refused him the right to carry a firearm.

As reported, 21 Savage turned himself in on "felony theft" charges stemming from the Hinesville, Georgia booking, some two years ago. It appears that while the paperwork for the arrest warrant was filed right there and then, it took another two years for the slip to leave the clerk's desk. As you can see in the above video, 21 Savage jeers the performing act before he'd even had a chance to get a song off his chest.

Karen Smith claims 21 Savage asked the venue's DJ to cut the opening act, which he refused. Shortly before that exchange even occurred, Karen Smith argued over the contested firearm, with the promoter eventually allowing it to pass. Smith alleges that 21 Savage made off with the $17 thousand he was paid up front, hence the spillover effect.