Whoever keeps trying to walk all over 21 Savage needs to quit it. The Atlanta-based rapper is telling all of his opps that he's not the right one to mess with. If you're using him as a stepping stone to get to where you want to be in life, you best think twice. The "Bank Account" rhymer was so triggered by a recent incident in his life that it forced him to re-evaluate his entire identity. Can he even continue being Savage anymore? Apparently not. Joking with his millions of fans, the recording artist revealed that he plans on changing his rap name to reflect his current situation.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

We can no longer refer to the established rapper as 21 Savage because he's officially switching lanes, literally. Savage tweeted: "I’m finna tattoo a x on my face cuz I swear I been getting crossed left and right my new name is 21 intersection." 21 Intersection just doesn't have the same ring to it but we'll try to adapt. He continued: "I ain’t no stepping stone....u ain’t finna take the floor plan from our house to go start yo own home building company....either we in it together or we ain’t in it at all. I done ran out of all benefit of doubts I can give from now on im going off of what you show."

Of course, Savage is kidding about the name change and face tattoo. However, there is a larger issue at hand here. The artist makes some incredible points about loyalty, friendship, and the concept of day ones. If you claim to be rocking with Savage (or anybody for that matter) then do so genuinely. Don't try and take advantage of him. He's worked too hard to give away his tips and tricks.