21 Savage is making his fans put on their thinking caps to figure out when he's dropping his next album. Aside from performing a few guest features this year, 21 has been pretty quiet. It looks as though all of that is about to change though. He had previously teased an "Octember" release date for his next project and it looks like he's keeping his promise. Yesterday, the Atlanta artist tweeted out a date filled in with question marks, revealing only that his work would drop in 2018. Now, he's clearing up some more of the confusion by adding some extra numbers to the equation, helping us out a little.

The "Bank Account" rapper seems poised to take over the fourth quarter of the year, hyping up his upcoming album day-by-day. Today, he added in a few more clues so his fans can put their minds together and figure out the exact date we'll be getting some new music. He tweeted, "1?.?6.18," and many are pointing out that, if he is planning a traditional Friday release, only two dates make sense: October 26, 2018 or November 16, 2018. Of course, he may also decide to drop on another day of the week, leaving the options wide open.

Regardless of when he releases his next project, we're seriously looking forward to some new Savage. There is not much information circulating about the work itself but whatever he has planned has got us on the edge of our seats.