"To keep it all the way one thousand, bruh," begins 21, "all these Atlanta rappers some bitch ass n****s I ain't even gonna lie. Hoes. All of em, one hundred percent. Straight up. I say that in the humblest way. You n***as some bitches man. I'm tired of this shit." 

He elaborates somewhat, although keeping ambiguous for good measure. "I done seen some shit in these past couple months that I've never seen in my life," he says, working himself into a fervor. "What do ya'll n***as stand for? Do ya'll n***as have any type of morals or codes about the way ya'll live? It's like ya'll n***as don't give a fuck about nothin' but Balenciaga shoes. That's all ya'll n***as care about. Balenciaga shoes, nice cars...ya'll n***as don't stand for shit."

21 goes on to imply that those he's calling out are keeping a watchful eye on his online activity, and he proceeds to hit them with a hilarious impression of the prototypical "hate-watcher." The rant continues on for ten minutes, as clearly Savage has much to get off his chest. Despite the clear hostility, it's interesting to see 21 blossoming into a bonafide OG, doling out gems with wisdom beyond his years. Still, the inflammatory nature of his words will surely ruffle a few feathers, even though his high profile contemporaries skate by unnamed. 

One has to wonder what prompted this return to Savage Mode. Either way, there's clearly something brewing in Atlanta.