This past year, 21 Savage's status as a rapper and a celebrity heightened. The strength of his album and the accumulative efforts of each feature plus his highly publicized relationship with Amber Rose play major factors in his high profile status. Issa Album went on producing some major singles including the self-produced "Bank Account," which has since gone platinum. Since the album's release, it led the way for his recent success. It may have taken some time but the video for the single is finally about to surface.

21 Savage hit Instagram to share a snippet of the upcoming video. The trailer opens up with Mike Epps speaking with an older receptionist who shows him a cassette tape of 21 Savage's album that his grandson sent him that he's trying to put in a Beat Pill. It later cuts a series of action packed clipped filled with armed gun men, fists fights and 21 Savage looking like an overall boss. The video is set to drop tomorrow.

A few weeks a go, Mike Epps shared a behind the scenes glimpse of the video shoot on his Instagram page. While it didn't really show much of what was going on in the video, it did show the two of them in the same run down warehouse that's seen in the trailer. With Mike Epps' involvement in the video, there'll be some comedic relief. Overall, it's looking like 21 Savage will make his first "acting" efforts, so to speak. It'll be exciting to see how it all comes together.

Aside from the "Bank Account" video, 21 Savage's been seen working on some other visual efforts. He was recently spotted with Post Malone on the set of what's likely the video for "Rockstar." Posty only shared a photo of him and Savage watching playback footage of whatever they shot. The two of them look pretty snazzy and with such a big record, it's likely that it'll end up being pretty epic as well. While there isn't any word on when that video will be released, hopefully it's something we get in the foreseeable future.