[Update: False Alarm, Tattoos Still There]

It appears 21 Savage pulled a fast one on his fans and actually didn’t get the tattoos removed. The buzzing ATL rapper took to his Snapchat Tuesday night and cleared the rumors of his what-to-believed non-tattoo'd face (see below via his IG fan page). 


21 Savage's large knife tattoo on his forehead has already spawned its very own meme (ISSA KNIFE) and has become something of a signature for the rapper, even using the symbol in the artwork for his latest project, Savage Mode. With all that being said, it seems crazy that 21 would choose to remove the tattoo, but a new Snapchat story from the rapper finds him claiming just that -- though it's unclear if he's trolling his fans.

“Just got all my tattoos removed,” he says in the clip, showing off a newly clear forehead. “Changed man now. Finna go to church.”

The snap seems like it could easily be a very well orchestrated joke, but how did he cover up the tattoo if this is the case? Make-up? A custom Snapchat filter?

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