Observers are unsure if "Paintball Wars" are the right course of action to curb Gun Violence in at-risk communities. A report from the desk at USA Today has raised the issue at a speculative glance. The article mentions 21 Savage as the main agent of influence in sparking the movement. His utterance of "paintballs up, guns down," ushered in a wave of activity. 

At the heart of the issue, are two accidental deaths which occuring when innocent bystanders were struck by stray pellets. Although, paintball is most commonly referred to as a sport, police departments across the country are not only burdened by calls from distressed residents, they have also had to respond to unintended mishaps pertaining to dangerous misuse of the "guns."

Milwaukee Police Sargeant Melissa Franckowiak referenced 21 Savage in a press conference addressing the recent hike: "He (21 Savage) started the movement in an effort to stop the shootings in the inner cities," she acknowledged. "It’s kind of morphed into something other than what he anticipated, I think. Now these kids have been shooting unsuspecting citizens as opposed to their friends during these paintball wars."

An alarmist reaction is far from the answer to curbing the dangerous misuse of paintball guns, or the root of the issue, actual Gun Violence, but it seems a comprehensive look at the issue is becoming a foregone conclusion. A teen in Atlanta retaliated with a real firearm after being targeted in a paintball ambush. Another incident in Greensboro left a man shot to death in his car, whilst covered in paintball splatter. The root cause in both incidents is inconclusive, but still suggests a flaw in the "Put Down The Guns" movement as initiated by several public figures, 21 Savage included.