Cardi B is suing a couple of bloggers whom she claims are guilty of tarnishing her name. First in the order is Latasha K who runs a little thinkpiece-generator called Unwine with Tasha K. Cardi highlighted 23 of her vlogs which she claims dip below the line of acceptability, one of them allegedly predicted that Cardi B’s baby Kulture could be born with intellectual disabilities – evidently during the course of her pregnancy. The videos in question were all posted within a 14-month window.

The second and final blogger who stands accused of indecency is Starmarie Ebony Jones. She apparently made a bunch of unsubstantiated claims regarding the rapper’s intake of drugs. Ebony Jones is also reported to have concocted a story that begins with Cardi B moonlighting as a sex worker (prostitute is the word she allegedly used) while taking those heavy doses of “molly and cocaine.” The full headline read “Just a Grammy-nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes.”

And to make things easy for Cardi B’s legal team, Starmarie Ebony Jones and Latasha K even came together for a vlog completely dedicated to Cardi’s alleged STD cover-up. At the heart of their discussion: the scourge of bathroom seats the world over, herpes.