These days, 2 Chainz can enjoy life's simple pleasures, like announcing one's brand new album via airborne blimp. There was a time, however, when the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi was putting in work like the rest of us. It may seem surreal to imagine a young 2 Chainz putting his hard-earned money into his craft, given his larger than life status. Still, it happened, and the man himself has come forth to remind all the aspiring artists out there that a music career doesn't always come on a budget. 

Taking to Instagram to share his advice, 2 Chainz posted a meme of sorts, reading "Erybody wanna rap til they find out they gotta spend a lil money." Elaborating on that in his caption, he strengthens the thesis with a little bit of personal experience. Studio time , mixing , mastering paying the producers , shit that’s if you flop or not," says 2 Chainz. "Truth be told I spent my last 40k on “ Spend it” video. I was an independent artist."

"I had shows booked but I was trying to stack !!!" he admits. "@streetexecstek was like we need 40/50k to get this video shot. haha bru couldn’t find me for two days ! Ps : moral of the story is you have to believe in yourself." Cleary, he's living proof. Should you be looking to come through with that breakout single, remember that a cheap mic and lo-fi production will only get you so far. Unless you're Lil Pump, apparently.