As alleged by the omnipotent TMZ, it seems 2 Chainz was just arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport after police officers discovered weed on his person as he was boarding an airplane in Terminal 5. He's apparently being processed for possession of marijuana as we speak, but police have yet to comment on the situation.

This comes just a day after a fiasco in San Franciso during which the ATLien was allegedly shot at and mugged for his wallet and cell phone.

That's all for now, folks - stay tuned for details. Here's hoping Tity Boi makes it out of this buzz kill okay.

Peep his review of San Franciscan pot below: 

[Update: Make That Felony Narcotics Possession]

As reported by TMZ yet again, the law has confirmed that 2 Chainz has been booked for felony narcotics possession. He was allegedly in possession of Promethazine and less than an ounce of weed. TSA officials found the dope in his checked luggage while he was on board a plane preparing to take off, and he was removed and arrested before it did so.