The second season of America’s Celebrity Big Brother is in full swing and some of the houseguests are already at each other’s throats. For those unfamiliar with the show, a group of celebrities enter the house together, attempt to form alliances and win competitions to see who makes it to the end. Houseguests are voted our periodically based on who the Head Of Household nominates for eviction. 

In this latest season, singer Tamar Braxton and Olympian Lolo Jones are already beefing, with their latest blowup fight almost ending in some punches thrown. Lolo ended up calling Tamar a “b****” which Tamar took exception to.

At one point, Tamar can be heard saying “The next time somebody calls me a b****, I’m just gonna’ start yankin’.” Lolo called her bluff asking her to do it but Tamar backed down after challenging Lolo to call her a b**** again. Fortunately, punches were never actually thrown, but perhaps Braxton is in a little over her head considering Jones is a world-class athlete who has been to the Olympics.

Other houseguests this season include Dina Lohan, Ricky Williams, Ryan Lochte, Tom Green, and Joey Lawrence.

To see the altercation between Jones and Braxton, check out the video below courtesy of TMZ.