It’s a question that many of us were left asking after he was included on Juice WRLD’s new album. “Who Is Clever?” You’re not alone if you Googled that directly after hearing “Ring Ring.” The Alabama-based rapper/singer has been working on music for a minute but this year, people are starting to take notice on a larger scale. With his intense vibrato and his unique vocal stylings, Clever is one of the most interesting artists out right now. Finally, we get an EP from the artist to gauge whether we’re still into him.

On the 11-track long Who Is Clever?, the 34-year-old makes a formal introduction to anybody unfamiliar with his work. With tons of personality and assists from NLE Choppa, NoCap and Rylo Rodriguez, Clever’s new project is certainly worth your time. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!


1. Belong To The World
2. Darlin’
3. Hey Eileen
4. Wooden Box
5. Commissary
6. Stick By My Side (feat. NLE Choppa)
7. Apartments (feat. NoCap & Rylo Rodriguez)
8. Never Need Love
9. King Of Nowhere
10. Lonely Sunday
11. Hypocrisy