Kim Kardashian West Gets Lawyer Ambition Co-Sign From Her Attorney

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Kim Kardashian West
Kim's lawyer explains just why the reality star would make the perfect attorney.

On her quest to become the next great social justice warrior attorney, Kim Kardashian West has been met with many critics who doubt the reality star. Kim has worked with the president on criminal justice and prison reform, aiding in the release of two inmates, Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles. She recently shared an Instagram photo of herself as she was engulfed in her studies, a post that included a lengthy caption where Kim responded to those who attributed her ability to become an attorney to her connections, fame, and wealth status. 

As Kim continues with her attorney aspirations, her own lawyer, Shawn Holley, video chatted with TMZ to co-sign Kim. Holley said that she's known Kim for years as she worked her Kim's father, Robert Kardashian, on the O.J. Simpson trial back in the early 1990s. "She has always, even as a young girl, been interested in this area, Holley said. "Be it from a legal standpoint or [an] investigation standpoint, this is something she's always been interested in, always asked my questions about over the years. She has, over the years, called me out of the blue to ask questions about investigations or the law. 

"It is a true, authentic interest that she has had for a very, very long time," Holley continued. "During the whole Alice Marie Johnson period of time that we were working with the lawyers to get her out, Kim...she was involved far more than you might imagine. She wanted to be on the calls with the lawyers. She wanted to strategize, get involved with legal strategy and not just the part where she talked to Jared or Ivanka. So, to be honest with you, it's not surprising at all to me that she would take it to the next step.

When asked if Kim would be defending clients in a court of law, Holley was unsure. "I think she wants to continue doing what she's already doing which is helping people get out of prison who are serving far too much time for their misdeeds. I think she is truly interested in being a justice warrior and she walks the walk, she talks the talk, she puts her money where her mouth is. There was nothing that was asked of her during my working with Alice Marie Johnson that she wasn't ready, willing, and able to do at the drop of a hat."

Holley went on to say that Kim wants to have a better knowledge of the law, legal ramifications, and understanding of the complication jargon involved in the cases she plans to handle. According to Holley, the apprenticeship that Kim is involved in with her studies to become a lawyer is the same as attending law school. "The State Bar allows you to study law by doing it the way she's doing it," Holley told TMZ. "It's the equivalent to a law school education."

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