Putting her money where her mouth is, Kim Kardashian West is reaching out via Twitter for help. Days after it was announced that the reality star would be paying five years worth of rent for former inmate Matthew Charles, Kardashian made a public plea on the social media network. She wrote that Charles continues to be met with roadblocks as he attempts to rebuild his life, so she wants anyone in the position to help find housing to reach out to her.

"Matthew Charles’s lease application was rejected again bc of his criminal record (even w me paying his rent in advance)," Kardashian wrote. "If there are any landlords w a 2 bedroom in Nashville willing to give Mr Charles a 2nd chance, contact mocapt615@gmail.com Serious inquiries only, thank you 🙏🏼."

You'd think with her name (and bank account), no one would reject a Kardashian co-sign, especially if she's the one footing the bill. However, it just goes to show you how difficult it is for those who serve their time to be released and integrated back into society. Charles was sentenced to 35 years for a non-violent drugs and weapons charge, and after serving 20 years was released earlier this year following being granted clemency. 

Kardashian, who fought for the prison reform bill that helped free Charles and who met with Trump repeatedly, promised to help the man after he ran into trouble finding housing. "I just received the most wonderful news tonight that I just had to share with everyone,' Charles wrote on Facebook. "Kim Kardashian-West, through Tracy, said they heard about my situation. Was moved and has decided to help me. And to me in an unbelievable way."

"Kim did not do this for attention or publicity, but I had to share it," he continued, "Because it's too good not to, and my heart is about to burst with happiness, that I wish you to rejoice in this news with me. And many of your responses about the outcome of my dilemma prophesied it. GOD IS GOOD!!!. WHAT THE DEVIL MEANT FOR BAD, GOD REVERSED AGAIN, FOR MY GOOD. **THANK YOU KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST and TRACY FOR THE LOVE SHOWN TO ME WHEN I WAS LOCKED UP. AND NOW THAT I'M FREE... MY HEART IS ENLARGED. **