Antonio Brown has been dominating sports headlines for the last two weeks now thanks to his very public disputes with the Pittsburgh Steelers and their star wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. Brown was finally traded by the team and sent to the Oakland Raiders, who seem very happy to have him despite all of his indiscretions. While Brown has a ton of incidents and controversies surrounding him, the wide receiver finally got one thing taken care of as one of his lawsuits has now been settled, according to TMZ.

Back in April of 2018, Brown was accused of throwing furniture off the balcony of his apartment complex. A man named Ophir Sternberg says his 22-month old son was walking around the pool area when large pieces of furniture fell just feet away from his. Sternberg alleges that his son was traumatized by the incident. This led Sternberg to sue Brown for an unidentified amount.

According to the report, the terms of the settlement are confidential but both sides are happy to finally put the dispute to bed. 

Brown originally denied the fact that it was he who threw the furniture but when police arrived at his home, they say he was agitated and acting erratically.