2 Chainz Rings In T.R.U Label Deal With “Shoot It Out” Posse Cut

Professor Tity addresses the TRU University honor roll.

BYMitch Findlay
2 Chainz Rings In T.R.U Label Deal With “Shoot It Out” Posse Cutblur mask

It's a big day for 2 Chainz, the tenured Professor Tity of T.R.U University. With his T.R.U label already buzzing, Atlantic Records has officially unveiled a partnership with the prestigious Atlanta icon, who recently spent his weekend ducking rats on the streets of New York City. Billboard confirms the development, ushering in a new posse cut from Chainz, Worl, Sleepy Rose, and Hott Locked N. Speaking on the new deal, 2 Chainz explains to Billboard that his main motivation is changing somebody's life for the better.

"I’m excited on the new venture building from the ground up, my biggest goal is to play a part in changing someone’s life and make them a millionaire," he explains, a testament to his integrity. I treat the record label as school with various levels. That’s why we refer to it as ‘The Real University.’ It’s a course you go through." Now, it would appear he's selected his graduating class. Each scholar shows up on "Shoot It Out" with distinction, taking to the banger with the hustler's ambition of a millionaire to be. Respect to 2 Chainz for locking this one down.


Quotable Lyrics

Born with a triple beam, you born with a silver spoon
I seen little drip, kiddie pool
Got Tennis shoes all in my living room
Yeah, kickin' shit like Liverpool
Told my partner that he need to get a job
Shawty wore a glock to his interview

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