Diddy "Meets The Parents," Dines With Lori's Pops Steve Harvey In Italy

Diddy tries his hand at intergenerational double dating.

BYDevin Ch
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Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

It's been a week of glory hunting for tabloid regulars. Rumors that Diddy is dating Steve Harvey's 22-year old daughter Lori have come to a head with photos of the odd couple making the rounds this weekend. Not only were they seen canoodling all over the villas of Nerano, Italy- but Diddy and his PYT were photographed on a double with who else but Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie. What else could be possibly be required of the tabloid section in confirming their relationship status?


That said when quizzed on the nature of his relationship with his son's ex-girlfriend (yes, Lori dated Justin Combs sometime in the past) Diddy went about repudiated the rumors. And yet, I don't think anyone in their right mind buys into Diddy's non-story, the evidence is insurmountable at this point. Not only has Diddy given her the keys to his $400k Maybach, willy nilly- but the pair were spotted in NYC recently, donning matching outfits. Why bother meeting the parents, an exhaustive process for a man his age, if not to plead his case, ask for Steve's blessing, given his stature in the entertainment industry. Diddy deserves to be happy, given the circumstances; all the power to him.


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