R. Kelly’s been dealing with some serious financial and legal issues over the past few months. He’s been in and out of court due to his ongoing child support battle with his ex-wife Drea Kelly who claims the singer owes him $62K in child support. He ended up in jail once for not paying it and last month, it was revealed that he could be heading back to jail if he doesn’t cough up the amount he owes her in full. After his court appearance, it looks like he has one issue that’s now off his plate.

R. Kelly Coughs Up $62K In Back Child Support, Dodges Jail Time: Report
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images 

According to TMZ, R. Kelly’s appearance in court yesterday worked out for both him and Drea Kelly. The singer forked over $62K in back child support while avoiding jail. The singer’s supposed to pay her $20K a month and Wednesday’s payment covers March, April, and May.

Unfortunately, he found out in court that he still owed Drea another $32K in interest on the child support payments. Drea revealed in court that he wants him to pay for their 21-year-old daughter Joann’s educational expense. Kelly’s lawyer is seeking proof that she’s enrolled. 

Kelly previously told the judge that he could no longer afford to pay $20K a month in child support and wanted the amount reduced. However, until the judge approves his request, he still has to pay $20K a month.