R. Kelly has already gone to jail twice in the past few months and there's a good chance he could be heading back for the third time. Unfortunately, if he does head back to jail, it'll be for the same reason he was locked up in early March.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

R. Kelly has reportedly missed the last two months of his child support payments to his ex-wife Drea Kelly who's supposed to receive $20,833 a month, TMZ reports. The singer was already sent to jail in March after he failed to pay months worth of child support payments which amounted to $161,633. The singer was released after someone cleared the debt for him. With two months of child support owed, there's a chance he could return to jail. 

Kelly has told the judge that he could no longer afford the $20K a month in child support and that he wanted it to be lowered. A judge said that he'd hear out Kelly's reason but not until May 8th when the singer's next hearing is.

Other debts that Kelly owed back have reportedly sucked his bank account dry. The singer owed his landlord $173k over back rent. One of his bank accounts had $150K seized, leaving him with a balance of -$13. Two of Kelly's accounts with Bank Of America also had money seized from them, totaling $154,527.22 which left him with a remainder of $625 to his name.

Earlier this month, the singer was paid $22K for an hour-long club appearance in Springfield, Illinois which he apparently didn't cough up to Drea for child support.