Kim Kardashian Is Studying To Become A Lawyer

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Kim Kardashian attends the What Goes Around Comes Around - 25th Anniversary Auction Beverly Hills preview held on August 21, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California

Kim Kardashian plans to take the bar in 2022.

The West family certainly is filled with ambitious individuals. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian want their children to grow up with high aspirations, making meaningful changes in people's lives and not just sitting around off of the money their parents earned. Kanye West previously stated his desire to become the President of the United States and, as of today, it's unclear whether or not the rapper still intends to run in 2024. Before that though, Kim Kardashian will likely already have become a successful lawyer because, in her new interview with Vogue, she revealed that she fully intends on taking the bar in 2022 so that she can legally represent people in court. 

During her chat with Vogue, Kim revealed that the work she's been doing to help people like Alice Marie Johnson be freed from their inappropriately long prison sentences was only a precursor to what she wants to accomplish. According to the new feature, Kardashian has been working closely with Van Jones for months, visiting prisons, petitioning governors and attending meetings at the White House. Last summer, she turned heads when she decided to enroll in an apprenticeship program at a San Francisco law firm and now, she has intentions of taking the bar in 2022. 

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"I had to think long and hard about this," said Kim about her decision to become a lawyer. "The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency and I’m sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh, shit. I need to know more. I would say what I had to say, about the human side and why this is so unfair. But I had attorneys with me who could back that up with all the facts of the case. It’s never one person who gets things done; it’s always a collective of people, and I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society. I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more."

Do you think Kim will make a good lawyer?

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