Saba & Pivot Gang Explain The Group's Origins: Eminem Albums & Open Seats

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Pivot Gang are some of the best out of Chicago right now.

Chicago is one of the hottest breeding grounds for hip-hop and a number of the most talented cats from the Chi stopped by our office to chat about how they met and became what they are today. When you think of big names from the city, you've got to believe Saba and Pivot Gang are close to the top of the list. The lyrical masterminds have impressed fans with each of their releases, by themselves or collectively. With Saba at the front of the crew, MFnMelo, Frsh Waters, Joseph Chilliams, daedaePIVOT, squeakPIVOT round out the group with each member bringing something different to the table. We spoke to them about how they initially linked up, performing their first show together, what the future holds, and more in the latest episode of Crew Love

Today, we're bringing back a new episode of Crew Love with Pivot Gang. Fresh off the release of their joint effort You Can't Sit With Us, the group told us all about how they got together. They met via unconventional means. Saba and Joseph Chilliams came across each other in the hospital and they hit it off right away. As for MFn Melo, he met Joe and Saba in high school. Chilliams needed an Xbox 360 controller and Melo was the man for that. They conducted a fair trade: Xbox controller for the new Eminem album. That's when they clicked.

If you're not up on Pivot Gang, you've got to check them out. Watch the full feature above.

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