A couple of weekends ago Kehlani welcomed her first daughter Adeya Nomi into the world through a natural birth that took place in her bathroom at home. “Unmedicated homebirth was the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing I’ve ever done. thankful beyond words. In love beyond comparison,” she wrote on Instagram. “Refraining from posting to be family and rest, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, love, and support in all forms while waiting & working to bring Adeya earthside.”

Today, Kehlani has shared the very first image of her daughter and while it doesn’t show her face, we can see her side profile while she’s cuddled up on her mother’s chest breastfeeding. “It’s just us twooooooo it’s just me and youuuuuu nowwwww *cassie voice*” she captioned the cute photos. 


“Listen to her heart. Be gentle with herself because she is going to make mistakes. Be fearless, but even if she does get completely engulfed in fear at times, it does not in any way make her weak,” Kehlani previously stated when explaining the advice she plans on passing down to her daughter.

“She will grow up knowing compassion is a gift. I will remind her that she is whatever she wants to be, and that sometimes that changes. I have a feeling she will be giving me a lot of advice when she is 23. She will be better than me in any and every aspect. I can’t wait to learn from her.”