Minnesota’s finest Nimic Revenue, etched her name in the record books by joining us for the 64th-ever installment of our illustrious HNHH Freestyle series. After receiving a seal of approval from the gubernatorial chair in her home state, Nimic is ready to conquer the Big Apple, and beyond – as long as she doesn’t render us short of breath, and inoperable.

The 20-year is really THAT dexterous a rapper. Def Jam would concede to that point, seeing as they were among the first to discover her burgeoning talents, then sign her to an exclusive deal – making her the first “solo” Minnesotan to join the imprint in FOREVER.

Produced by Dmac, Nimic’s freestyle is empirically different than the 63 recordings that preceded it in the timeline, for one reason in particular: her interpretation of the “cypher dynamic” is fully optimized, convergent with melody, and the least bit lethargic (like a phone-a-friend verse). See for yourself, what convinced Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to lobby for supplemental funding in the arts, without so much as an urgent plea from the fiercely independent Nimic Revenue. Hit us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Remember them bullets I had to dodge
I was the only one on my job
So please don’t compare me, I’m working hard.

– Nimic Revenue