CupcaKKe Stands Firm In Her Allegiance To “Ayesha” Curry

“Ayesha” is CupcakKe’s latest act of defiance.

BYDevin Ch
CupcaKKe Stands Firm In Her Allegiance To “Ayesha” Curryblur mask

CupcakKe latest single "Ayesha" isn't any less bashful as the dozen that came before it. As the title would suggest, CupcakKe has decided upon herself to launch her next counter-offensive, wholly inspired by Stephen's foody spouse Ayesha, a fearless woman who went toe-to-toe with Drizzy during the NBA playoffs but not before tackling misogyny head-on, in her confessions to Jada Pinkett Smith. These are but a few of the reasons CupcakKe more than likely chose the Chef de Cuisine as the aspirational namesake behind her next single.

"Ayesha" isn't modelled after hip-hop's hybrid formula of old. In fact, the production is loosely based around the 4/4 time signature associated with Reggaeton, and on that note, CupcakKe does include air horns and other sounds, to give "Ayesha" an added measure of aggressivity. CupcakKe's forthrightness on social media has made her a divisive character within the public eye.

Just a few days ago, Khloe Kardashian's caught the wrath of CupcakKe's eviscerating logic, when the Jenner heiress referred to Jordyn Woods as fat during a fit of rage, stemming from the Tristan Thompson debacle. For what it's worth, "Ayesha" and her words for Khloe Kardashian serve the same purpose of correcting society's ills, by making an example of public figures. His us with your thoughts down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah your eyelashes mink, but your vagina stink (Ew)
Bitch go clean up your sink (Hurry up)
Walk in your house, nope I don't want a drink
I just want more money, I'm runnin' through phases
Like I am a makeup artist with a brush.

- CupcakKe

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