Earlier in the year, Amber Mark gave our ears a refresh when she dropped off the funk-infused “Mixer” single, which appeared to be a b-side all along as the Interscope siren now touches down with “What If,” delivered as one half of a two-part offering outfitted with “Mixer.”

On “What if,” nostalgic motifs and seductive bass lines once more take their place as Amber Mark explores the consequences of not having endured the heartbreak she has as all roads proved to eventually lead to her true love.

The track is paired with an equally wistful video that finds Mark’s glittery and minimal imagery boding well with the breezy ballad and certainly leave us awaiting whatever the songstress has coming next.

Quotable Lyrics

A million people tell me baby what are the chances
That we connected
It had to happen exactly that way
I had to do it, had to make those mistakes
It’s true ’cause it led me to you