Tank Employs Chris Brown On Up-Tempo "Dirty" Remix

The two remix the cougar favorite into a radio-friendly bop.


Tank's original "Dirty" was released back in January: a song which showcased the 40 year-old R&B impresario's signature smooth and bassy pipes. The track gave hyperrealistic imagery of everything which the singer hoped to do to one lucky lady in the bedroom, so heavy with detail that he was surely able to leave his older demographic blushing. The song's leisurely paced and soulful expression of sensuality earned it acclaim amongst fans, which could perhaps be the reason Tank decided to revisit it, turning it from a bedroom banger, to a (still) smooth flowing, pop-y hit.

Tank has returns, four months later, with Chris Brown for a radio-friendly and completely revamped remix of the track. The beat is switched up to a much more up-tempo (but still sensual) melody, which was produced by Christian Ward, AKA Yung Berg, AKA Hitmaka. Aside from Chris Brown, Feather & Rahky also appear on the track to incorporate the 1996 classic “Twisted” by Keith Sweat, into the new hook.

The cover art also receives a revamp, with a colour change to a more eye-catching crimson, and more detailing in the background. How are you guys feeling the remix?

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