Cardi B’s Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing & She’s Pissed

Cardi B is sticking to Delta in the future.

BYAlex Zidel
Cardi B’s Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing & She’s Pissed

Cardi B was travelling back to New York after a quick stop in Los Angeles to see her baby but things didn't exactly go as planned. The star was only on the West Coast for seven hours before hopping on a jet to get some work done in her home state, but she ended up landing in Chicago for an emergency.

Fortunately, the singer wasn't in any serious danger. There were no mechanical damages to the private plane and her life was never threatened. TMZ is reporting that the jet had to make a stop in Chi-Town because somebody on board needed medical assistance. It's unclear who was sick but they were reportedly not part of the singer's crew. Cardi updated her Instagram story throughout the ordeal as she clearly wasn't impressed that her route wasn't completed. "We had to do an emergency landing in Chicago," said the rapper. "Let me tell you something, I'm not taking no more fucking jets, I don't give a fuck bro. These type of shits don't happen in fucking Delta." 

Let me tell you something Cardi, you don't want to be flying Delta all the time. That's no knock on them either - it's actually a pretty comfortable airline. However, if you've got the money to fly private, do it. This is a minor mishap and you'll get back to business in no time.

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