Last year, August Alsina was a guest on Jada Pinkett Smith’s highly-popular Red Table Talk show, speaking about his struggles with drug addiction and opening up to the world. Jada spoke about her own battles with sex addiction on the same episode. The two have always seemingly had a close bond but it’s been strictly platonic… right? Alsina is a family friend of the Smith’s but judging from some of the lyrics in his new cover of Kehlani’s “Nunya,” some people think that he and Jada had a little more than just a regular friendship.

Is August Alsina's New Song About Jada Pinkett Smith Cheating On Will Smith?
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

In the video for August Alsina’s latest cover, the singer is having a text conversation with a woman named Koren, which fans have pointed out is Jada Pinkett Smith’s middle name. The song describes a relationship in which August wants more from his girlfriend, giving her time to make him a priority. When he utters the line “You’re just an actress putting on a show,” a GIF of Jada Pinkett appears on the screen, which is the second alleged reference made to her.

The song was originally made popular by Kehlani, who dropped it earlier this year. However, with so much speculation surrounding August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith right now, August’s version may actually be more popular. Much of Alsina’s fanbase believes that Pinkett may have had a fling with the singer during her marriage to Will Smith and others think that she’s actually in on this. Perhaps she just wanted to give a boost to his musical career, knowing full well that this would get people talking before signing off on the idea. What do you think? Did Jada and August have a thing?