Rosalía played a big part in building up the hype for a lively Billboard Latin Awards ceremony, first by curving a lustful Bad Bunny, then by performing the scintillating “Con Altura” with Reggaeton juggernaut J Balvin and her go-to producer El Guincho. While all this was going down, Game of Thrones fans peered into the eclectic For The Throne soundtrack for Season 8, where Rosalía a princely spot right before the Lil Peep’s posthumous collab with Ty Dolla $ign. Absolutely none of the song’s hold any relevance to the “social climate” depicted on the show, but that’s hardly the point of the exercise. 

I’ll presume Rosalía & company were asked to craft compositions based on their intuition and how it relates to the show’s tragic story arc. Under those constraints, Rosalía stood head and shoulders above the rest. “Me Traicionaste” works because it isn’t overly fixated on time and place, but in the emotional gravitas, she interpreted after watching the GOT saga unfold. Peruvian singer/producer extraordinaire A.Chal lends his talents to the final product, as does El Guincho, the other Spaniard in the mix, instrumental in expanding her profile outside of Europe, and her Flamenca niche.

Quotable Lyrics:

Si quiere’ jugar
Me quiere’ jugar, me
Vamo’ a jugar.

– Rosalía