The Feds are asking Joycelyn Savage’s parents to backpedal just a minute, over plans to conduct a welfare check of R. Kelly’s private dwelling in Chicago. According to TMZ, Federal agents contacted her parent’s attorney, instructing them to hold off on conducting the search until further notice.

It’s believed the Feds are concerned the proposed welfare check could interfere with their ongoing probe into R. Kelly’s alleged “human trafficking.” If proven effective, additional charges would apply.

This past week, Joycelyn Savage’s parents sought and received authorization to run the proposed search. The very same report indicates that R. Kelly is undergoing high levels of stress and agitation, following last week’s arrest/release on bond.

As you note, both Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary were on hand for R. Kelly’s punitive hearing last weekend. Kelly stands accused of 10 counts mostly centered around the aggravated sexual abuse of two underage women, one of whom submitted video footage of an alleged sexual infraction to Michael Avenatti, the attorney leading the prosecution efforts in Chicago.

It’s reasonable to suspect that both Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary will be contacted by the Feds, at a time of their convenience. Reports indicate Joycelyn’s parents are very much intent on providing the Feds with “damning” physical evidence, although their personal attorney Gerald Griggs did not say so himself.