City Girls' Yung Miami Apologizes For Old Homophobic & Racist Tweets

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Yung Miami issues an apology for a series of offensive Tweets that surfaced from the past.

Yung Miami is trying to hold it down while her running mate JT serves a prison sentence for credit card fraud, just as they were beginning to pick up steam. Regrettably Miami has problems of her own to resolve on her side of the picket fence. An old Tweet in which she ushered a threat with homophobic language was pulled from the ether. She said, "If I Ever See Any G*y Shit In My Son Imma Beat That Bo So Baddd."

Yung Miami has since apologized for her remarks in a handwritten note she scanned and posted on Instagram. Yung Miami demonstrated a dramatic change in perspective since the original Tweet in 2013, when she was merely 20 years old. Yung Miami insisted she meant not offense to the LGBTQ community then or now. She also addressed similarly offensive remarks she made about Haitians in which she referred to members of their community as "ugly and jealous." Again, Yung Miami expressed remorse for her hateful comments by setting the right accord.

Yung Miami also captioned the image with additional text for those lacking the focus to read the entire body oh her handwritten apology. Her message: "To everyone I may have offended I apologize. We are all one we are all equal I LOVE EVERYBODY. Let’s move on I’m older & wiser now let’s focus on the future and leave the past behind us! Thank you."

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