R. Kelly’s confident persona was apparently striving as he kicked off the new year with fresh music, following by the announcement of a tour that would bring his music to Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. The promotional material has since disappeared from his socials pointing towards an apparent cancelation. 

A virtual poster of the singer announced an upcoming tour for the “King of R&B”. The “New Tour Alert” post racked in over 30K likes on Instagram before its removal. Criticism and worry also entered the mix. The father of one of his alleged victims said he feared the singer would get his daughter to tag along overseas.

R. Kelly started the new year with some bold moves. The singer is currently facing negative consequences of both new and resurfaced rape and misconduct allegations. He still dropped a new single on the first day of 2019 like a statement, a testament to his intentions of pushing his career forward despite the horrendous stories swirling around him, the radio bans, and the investigations.

The R&B icon was even dropped by his label and symbolically banned from In spite of it all, Kelly is reportedly working on a new album which is slated for an imminent release.