Last year, it was reported that some of Mark Zuckerburg’s earlier messages to people had been disappearing from the recipients’ inboxes. The CEO of Facebook has been able to delete his own messages for months and now, the feature is available to all users of Facebook Messenger.

According to Variety, the messaging app is now allowing users to freely remove any of their messages. This is a feature that has been requested heavily and will obviously make many people smile from ear-to-ear. In case you’ve ever embarrassed yourself trying to slide into your crush’s messages on Facebook, you can erase any of the evidence and restore your pride.

Facebook Messenger Adds Option To Delete Messages
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

In April 2018, Facebook announced their intentions to roll out an “unsend” button and finally, the ability to delete messages has arrived worldwide. Yesterday, users noticed a time constraint on when you’re able to delete any unwanted or mistake texts, with ten minutes given until the message lives on forever. While that isn’t the longest amount of time, it does offer a few moments for you to realize you maybe shouldn’t have sent that awkward message.

It’s pretty simple to use the new feature. Simply tap on the text you want to delete and click “Remove for Everyone” or “Remove for You.” It’s similar to the way that the adjacent Instagram DM deletion works in that members of the chat will be notified that a message has been unsent. What do you think of the update?