XXXTentacion lived a rough life. He chose to express himself in his music, emotionally telling stories about the experiences he went through. You could easily tell that X was a damaged soul. The way he sang, rapped, and even screamed in his music was deeply haunting and it resonated with his millions of fans. Yes, much of his history is riddled with controversy. There have been the instances of violence against women and general aggression that caused people to pay him no mind. Jah’s father, Dwayne Onfroy, gave an extremely rare interview about his son, expressing regret that he couldn’t be there for him.

In an interview with a local ABC affiliate, XXXTentacion’s father spoke about his upbringing and how he regrets being locked up for most of Jah’s life. Onfroy is currently living in Jamaica and although he tried to call as often as he could, nothing could substitute for actually being there in person. He said, “He developed his own rules. He developed his own way of looking at life. Because now his teenage years are coming on. Who’s the male role model?” He elaborated on what he meant, saying, “I think a lot of what he battled with was the good parts and the bad parts of me. He wanted to be like me in a lot of ways and a lot of ways he didn’t. He was coming to realize that. A lot of his mannerisms, a lot of his behavior, good and bad, without even being around me, was like mine.”

The publication has been going into detail about the life and death of the troubled star. Read the entire chapter here.