Joe Budden Calls BS On Jussie Smollett's Story: "Show Me Footage & I'll Shut TF Up"

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He claims the rhetoric might be exploiting the public's emotions.

The State Of The Culture crew sat down to discuss Jussie Smollett's highly-publicized attack. Joe Budden starts by summing up the case: Jussie Smollett "was allegedly brutally attacked recently in Chicago by 'MAGA terrorists.' They broke his ribs, they put a noose about his neck, they poured bleach on him and called him derogatory names. The FBI is on the case now but it has confirmed that a letter was previously sent to a FOX studio that contained threatening language and a powdery substance said to be Tylenol."

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His co-hosts offered their insights citing the recent increase of hate crimes in the United States and how incidents involving celebrities are bound to gain more attention even though similar events are constantly happening to others. The fact that the legal authorities have not released video evidence of the attack, however, was called into question.

Budden expressed the most skepticism. He could not envision a black man keeping a noose around his neck for 45 minutes after being attacked in such a manner. He also said the note sent by FOX looked dubious too "like some bullsh*t I saw in Austin Powers." The rapper clarified that he does believe the attack happened, but he questions the context considering his distrust for Hollywood.

"Famous rich people, when bad things happen and they want to cover the story because famous people to fuck shit sometimes like humans," Joe remarked, "You cover the story to protect your image, your likeness and your career."

He fears the story may be preying on the emotions of the community, a concern that was previously voiced by Azealia Banks. "I'm waiting for footage. Just show me footage and I'll shut the fuck up," he added.

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