Tamar Braxton "Ridiculed By A Pilot For Flying While Black" In Sister's IG Video

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Tamar Braxton
The singer was reprimanded in an unusual way.

Tamar Braxton had a negative experience while flying with Delta Airlines and her sister, Towanda, caught the situation on video. The clip that was shared through Towanda's Instagram account showed a pilot reprimanding the singer. The middle-aged man employed a condescending tone when asking her if she is "willing and able" to comply with any instruction given by the flight attendants. 

Although the comments section seems to have been deactivated, a few remarks that were made by her following are still available. Many were inclined to question why the pilot felt the need to leave the cockpit for a customer service issue, which is objectively a rare occurrence that is reserved for severe situations.

“I don’t know what happened between her and the flight attendant, but it must have been something big enough that the pilot left his cockpit to deal with a customer service issue. I went over multiple scenarios, not just the provoked one. I work in aviation, so I was merely hypothesizing what could’ve possible prompt the pilot to leave the cockpit if that was one of the pilots in the crew on that flight.”

Others were outraged as expressed by another commenter.

“To my knowledge TamarBraxton only has one father and He wasn’t white. First of all that was very very disrespectful to talk to her in that manner.. she is NOT a child just because the captain doesn’t give him the right to speak to Tamar like that. Nevertheless any passenger. He needs to be Reported.. 2018 and people are still singling out because of the color of your SKIN.. #SMDH!”

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