Beyonce Spotted Shopping At Los Angeles Target & Fans Can't Handle It

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The Westwood Target was probably packed.

Considering the amazing places Beyonce has been, which she highlighted in her 2018 year-end video, it's unfamiliar to imagine her anywhere other than a five-star yacht, center stage for an adoring crowd or a red carpet. The "Partition" singer proves to be just like any other Los Angeles resident, who finds themselves in need of a good ol' Target run. 

Beyonce was recently spotted at Los Angeles' Westwood Target cruising around the store like any other person. Of course, someone had to snap a photo that sees her wearing an orange jumpsuit and shades, and the Internet got a hold of the valuable information that sparked a red alert for any serious Bey fans.

"Anyone in Westwood. Beyonce is at Target right now. This is not a drill!," one user tweeted, while another added: "BEYONCÉ IS AT THE TARGET NEAR MY APARTMENT."

Chrissy Teigen, who has a line of kitchenware sold exclusively at Target even made a joke about Bey's appearance.

One user who sadly missed Beyonce's presence decided to head to the store herself to simply worship the ground Bey walked on. "@Beyonce was at my Target today so the only obvious & natural thing to do was go and honor the ground she walked on."

This is by far not the first time Beyonce has hit up the department store so for anyone wishing they saw her, we're sure she'll be back.

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