Joyce Hawkins has been a very present figure in Chris Brown’s career. Chris’ mother has always done her best to support her son throughout all the hardships he’s faced. She’s attended court dates and promoted his projects in the past. Through and through, Joyce Hawkins has stuck around to be a support system for her son whenever he needs it. She’s ready for her time in the limelight though. When she’s not helping to take care of Chris’ daughter Royalty, Joyce likes to get the cameras flashing herself, as evidenced by her latest photoshoot looks.

After spending the weekend promoting her son’s new single, Hawkins decided that she wanted some of that shine and, well, she’s gotten it. Sharing a few looks from a recent photoshoot, Hawkins looked absolutely stunning. She thanked her entire team before posting another outfit from the modelling affair. 

Chris’ mother was seen spending time with Royalty and Breezy on social media during the Heartbreak on a Full Moon tour. She appears to share a close bond with her granddaughter, lovingly sharing moments with her every time they spend time together. Clearly, Joyce isn’t opposed to taking up some of the spotlight for herself though. 

What do you think of the two looks? Which do you prefer?