We thought that Safaree’s recent public Twitter feud with his ex  would ease his rush of getting into another relationship, but apparently, we thought wrong. Following up on tweets pre-Nicki beef, where Safaree said he was holding off on having sex until it was with his wife, he’s now back with more words on the matter. 

The “Hunnid” rapper’s latest statement informs his followers that he’s planning on purchasing an engagement ring in hopes that Cupid will bring his perfect wife into his life. “I’m seriously about to buy an engagement ring and pray that will bring the spirit of bringing my wife to be into my life!! Who ever she is will have the baddest rock a finger can hold‼️ I just wanna ice her up ❤️,” he tweeted. 

Ladies, Safaree’s hosting a party in Minneapolis tonight so if you think you’re the one here’s where you can find him.