At the top of the month, Safaree hopped on Twitter and let his fans and followers know his deepest thought: that he wants a wife and kids badly. He followed up his tweet with a message about how much it sucks not to have trustworthy people in the industry, and if you thought that was all he was going to share on the matter, then just know he's now back with more. 

The "Hunnid" rapper says that the next woman he sleeps with will be his wife and you can bet on it. "I'm so serious when I say the next woman I have sex with will be my wife," he tweets, adding: "I can go ages without sex, I don't care about it. I'm looking for a wife. I want a relationship, something real. If you're not trying to give that I'll keep my meat wrapped around my leg 2myself."

His next tweet details how growing older (turning 37) made him realize that he simply needs to have a child in his life. The man is out to get some love and he's giving up sex until he finds it - check out the tweets below.