Cash Money rapper Blueface has been making headlines of late. Many have predicted that the West Coast Crip was “next up,” speculation seemingly confirmed by the recent Drake co-sign; we’ve already heard reports that Blueface has secured himself a verse from the 6ix God, and it’s only a matter of time before the collaboration surfaces. It all seemed to start when Drake slid into Blueface’s DMs to foretell his inevitable rise, revealing that he had enlisted Boi 1da to cook them up some heat.

Now, the Blueface co-signs continue to stack up. Yesterday, the rising Crip rapper took to Instagram to post yet another collaboration-in-the-making, this time with none other than the elusive Lil Uzi Vert. “Got one on the way,” writes Blueface, alongside an orange-and-green-clad Uzi. Clearly, both Drake and Uzi have spotted some degree of potential in the young rapper, who has a somewhat unconventional flow. If that wasn’t enough, Blueface was also spotted in the studio with Chief Keef and Young Thug, prompting further speculation of an expansive network; could Blueface’s debut album be among next year’s most packed with guests?