The Bizarre meltdown of Elon Musk has taken another twist. While the triangulation of Grimes, Azealia Banks and a befuddled Elon Musk continues to unfold, it won’t be escalating any further on his Instagram account. Elon Musk has seemingly deleted his Instagram page after screenshots of conversations between his girlfriend Grimes and Azealia Banks began popping up, painting him in a perculiar light. It would seem, Elon Musk was not prepared to enter the hip hop paradigm.

The whole situation started a few weeks back when Azealia claimed she was stranded on Elon Musk’s property while she awaited Grimes for a studio session. Elon Musk refuted claims she was even there, which in turn sparked a social media barnstorm from the never-bashful rapper. Of course the timing of such a spectacle came at a cost of bewilderment for Musk who’s been locked in the most trying moment in his professional life. To make matters worse, Musk and Grimes both unfollowed each other on social media, perhaps prompting Musk to cut himself off from the Internet-at-large. 

The latest act of “aggression” in this bizarre feud stems from Azealia sharing yet another detail from Musk’s now-public meltdown, this time to the tune of blackmail. Azealia has seemingly responsded to Elon’s threat of legal action over this “defamation” of character, by hiring attorneys of her own. Keep it peeled.