T.I. Slams Floyd Mayweather & Gucci On "Fu*k N***a"

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T.I. calls out Floyd Mayweather for his pro-Gucci stance.

At this point, T.I. has become a thought leader of sorts, often lending his voice to all manner of social issues. Sometimes, his rhetoric is borderline hostile in its passion. Other times, he's more reflective, weighing in with a capo's grace. Yet there's no sociopolitical issue that escapes Tip's radar, let alone a major Gucci blackface scandal. Of course, rappers have been dropping bags at the Gucci store since the dawn of time, and it's no secret that old habits die hard. Yet T.I. has been adamant in leading the vanguard, a cause that has earned support from Spike Lee, 50 Cent, and more. 

Yet Floyd Mayweather seemed unwilling to play ball. The undefeated boxer recently hit the Gucci store with an air suggesting rebellion. The move ruffled Tip's feathers, and evidently sent him to the booth with a purpose. Of course, this isn't the first time Tip and Mayweather have been at odds, with the latter once getting a little too personal with Tiny. Being a no-nonsense individual, Tip has spared no ounce of mercy for Mayweather, opting to give the boxer a stern talking-to. 

The cover art, which depicts  Mayweather donning Gucci's notorious sweater, comes equipped with a veritable dictionary entry. Suffice it to say, Tip believes that if the shoe fits, it should be worn appropriately. Check out the single now, available in select international markets.

Quotable Lyrics

What is you thinking 'bout, just 'cause you make it out
Don't mean you shit on people tryna be equal
Every day fighting oppression and you just gon' side with the evil
Man, what do you care about?
Did you not hear about black women missing
We don't know their whereabouts?
See that's what you should be calling the mayor about
Offer whatever is a fair amount
There's a water crisis down in Flint and ain't you from Michigan
Where is your empathy, n***a?


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