With the midterm elections just around the corner, MTV is launching a new initiative to encourage young people to get out and vote during the VMA’s.

MTV has announced their new campaign, “+1thevote” to get young people to register to vote ahead of November’s midterm elections. This is the first ever voter campaign the network has launched to encourage the most powerful demographic in America to vote during the mid-term elections. They’re set to debut the “+1thevote” during the VMA’s. 

The name of the campaign is in reference to bringing a guest to an event. MTV president Chris McCarthy said that social activism has increased among their viewers in the past year. Due to the fact that voter turnout is generally low during the midterm elections — especially among young people — it’s important to encourage them to get out and vote.

“Our audience relies on their friends in both the smallest and most meaningful moments in their lives,” McCarthy said. “+1 the Vote is designed to draw on the power of friendship to turn out the youth vote and impact this critical midterm election.”

Despite the fact that many people are looking to change the Republican control of Congress during the midterm elections, McCarthy said MTV’s campaign is neutral. According to Hollywood Reporter, MTV is also looking to bring to host 1000+ parties,across America on election day with some of the larger sized ones to include musicians that have yet to be revealed.