T.I. Says He Coined The Term "Trap Music," Steers Clear Of Claiming To Be Its Founder

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Seems like T.I. might have a newfound respect for his predecessors.

Trap Muzik by T.I. came up during the rapper's interview with HipHop DX. The interviewer, Trent Clark, mentioned it on the way to discussing the genre of Trap. He recounted how Cee-Lo Green had previously attributed the term "trap music" to his fellow Atlanta native. Apparently, Cee-Lo believes T.I. was the one to "put it on."

T.I. accepts the credit for the coining of the term and  briefly breaks down how this came to be:

"When we speak on it, the thing is, of course, there were people [already] talking about dope. And the first time I ever heard the word trap probably [through] Kujo or maybe in the streets before then. But Kujo was probably the first rapper I heard say the term. But as far as putting the words trap and music together describe a sound...that’s what I’m talking about."

T.I. has an interesting relationship with the origins of trap music. The rapper has been recorded many times claiming to have created it. During his interview with HipHop DX, however, the rapper steered clear from saying he invented it. Still, he seemed to have no qualms about accepting credit for coining the term. This comes after many sources dismissed his claims of being the genre's true founder. The genre is said to have originated long before T.I.'s time.

Watch the full interview below:

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