Spotify is ready to roll out its “Wrapped 2018” feature just in time for holiday scrolling and scrobbling. The feature will help users identify the top tracks of 2018 (according to the Spotify curators) in a few easy steps. The streaming service has put their supercomputers to good use in compiling all the end-of-year data available to them, vis-a-vis a web of activity dating back to January 1st. As always, year-end analytics often run until the end of November, so consider that when you crit the selection process.

The Spotify social media deputies were responsible for issuing the commencement speech – their message of  “Your #2018Wrapped is here. Find out your most streamed songs, artists, podcasts, and playlists of the year” rang in the year-end celebration on the platform. If at all concerned, the Spotify Wrapped Stats have been made public right here.

A subsequent message was posted online to hype the year-end roundup that made a case for “playing songs loudly as ever” so as to wake the neighbors up at dawn from the cucumber slumber. In the same memo, Spotify stressed the importance of riding the “Drake Wave,” his 8.2 billion streams making up a greater percentage of the spins this year (on the platform). Drake is consequently the most streamed Spotify artist of all-time, but that should come as no surprise.