Ice Cube’s BIG3 League is aching for more superstars, and the presence of Kobe Bryant would certainly boost viewership. Cube has been trying to recruit Kobe for some time now, to no avail. Still, fans can speculate on what would happen if the legendary Laker suited up to ball against retired greats such as Allen Iverson. Stephen Jackson and Alan Anderson, who play for the BIG3 team Killer 3’s, sat down to speak with reporters about the league. One reporter decided to ask Jackson if he thought Kobe Bryant could handle the BIG3’s 3-on-3 format and the added aggressiveness. 

Jackson and Anderson looked at each other in disgust as the crowd of reporters began to laugh. “I’m gonna say ‘no’ to get him out here,” joked Anderson as Jackson stood up with the microphone in hand. He mimicked the reporter’s question before laying down a few jokes. “Kobe can play in any league,” Jackson stated. “Any league. Kobe, right now, listen. You listening? Want me to slap him for you? Can you please come to this league? We need you.” All joking aside, Jackson shared his admiration for Kobe while still attempting to recruit him. 

“This is one of the best scorers of all time. You think he wasn’t getting knocked down in the league? Yes, please come Kobe, and yes, Kobe would be dominant just as he was in the league in this. I truly believe it.”