Snoop Dogg Poses Shirtless Showing Off His Gym Results On Day 6

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"Erase the hate by working out."

Snoop Dogg has been killing it at the gym for all of six days and he's damn proud of it. The homie has been posting a few videos and pictures that sees him sipping back on protein shakes and sweating like crazy to stay healthy. "I never knew how good working out was for you," he says in a clip. "Gotta take care of your body, man you just gots to." He then explains how motivation and inspiration, tied in with protein shakes and meal preps, has made him "try to be better."

All those meals and gains at the gym has got Snoop feelin' nice and he's posted the result of his efforts that shows a slim, yet kind of toned Snoop flexing for the 'Gram.

Snoop can even laugh at himself, as he reposted someone comparing his Day 6 body to a skinny insect. "More motivation I love y’all for this holla at me in. 6 months taking all fades," he captioned the photo.

Here's another video to prove the man is really putting in work. Keep doing you, Snoop.

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